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Have the Relationship You Want

Have the Relationship You Want cover

Product Overview

Have the Relationship You Want is a new relationship advice book that is rapidly gaining popularity. It claims to offer a comprehensive guide for molding and shaping a relationship the way you want it to be.

Have the Relationship You Want is written by a female author and is intended for a female audience. The author claims that changing the nature of your relationship with your man is, in fact, easy, and even promises that such results can be accomplished overnight.

Have the Relationship You Want is reported by customers to be over 150 pages in length. Some of the topics covered include coverage of common mistakes women make that unwittingly push real love away, how to gain control of your negative thoughts and emotions while in a relationship, information about what men want and what drives them away, and moral negotiation techniques for use in a healthy relationship.

The author claims that the techniques included are the very same techniques that she herself used to fix her own marriage.

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Overall Rating:

A 5-Star rating indicates that customer feedback for this product tends to be extremely positive. Complaints, if any, are minor or have been addressed by the product creator.


Customer Feedback and Reviews Obtained from Unbiased Sources:

"...a simply amazing book. It changed the way I think and feel overnight. I have struggled for ten years, and had painful relationship followed by painful relationship...."
Actual user feedback from squidoo.com

"I have her e-book "Have the Relationship You Want" and I think it's got some good info in it."
portion of actuam user comment on Yahoo Answers (answers.yahoo.com)

"I’ve been having the most amazing results already..my energy has changed completely. I feel as if that heavy weight that has been on my heart has lifted. I feel free again. I feel excited again."
Actual user review from havetherelationshipyouwant.com

Our Research on Have the Relationship You Want Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), Have the Relationship You Want may be is an effective solution for improving or repairing a relationship.

Because this is a relatively new product, feedback is still being gathered. Although all signs point to the product being very solid, we still reccomend taking advantage of the free 7 day trial offered on the official website before making a final purchase decision.

If you have additional feedback or experience to add, please send an e-mail to admin@LoverLandReviews.com with the subject "Feedback." Please be sure to note the product name in your e-mail.


Based on customer research and feedback, the Have the Relationship You Want book does work as stated. No problems were uncovered in the research conducted for this Have the Relationship You Want review.

Please note that this product is still fairly new, and research is still being conducted. If you decide to take advantage of the book's free 7 day trial, please send us your honest feedback so we can add it to the website.

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Company/Author Info:

Rori Raye is the author of Have the Relationship You Want. She is also found to use the alias Rori Gwynne. The domain name (havetherelationshipyouwant.com) was registered to the name Rori Gwynne in Santa Monica, CA in April 2006.

For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Information:

Contents: Over 150 pages in the book. Optional Interview with the experts subscription upon purchase.

Distribution: Product is distributed digitally via instant download.

Price: One time payment of $19.97 after free 7 day trial. (USD)
Return Policy: Free 7 Day Trial

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